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Magnetic Sign 12"h x 24"w

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Magnetic 12"h x 24"w

One 12"h x 24"w Vehicle magnetic with your artwork. Your artwork can be uploaded at:

Once the artwork has been received it will be added to the website for purchase.

Note: These magnetics will stick to any smooth steel surface. Please check to make sure the intended area on your vehicle is steel and not aluminum, plastic or contains hidden areas of auto-body filler. You can do this by using a small refrigerator magnet to test the desired vehicle surface. If the refrigerator magnet sticks, so will ours!

Magnetic care: Magnetics will form a strong bond with your car and should be removed frequently to clean the back of the magnet and the surface of the car. Store the magnets in a flat cool area so the magnets do not become misshapen (storing them on a refrigerator door works great). If they do lose their flat shape, heat them up with a hair dryer or heat gun until they regain a flat shape. Use mild soapy water to clean the magnet.

All of our signs are made in the United States of America.

I have my own construction company, & needed some magnetics for my vehicle. Advertising everything I'm able to do. Signs World Wide came up with a layout suitable for my needs
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