Inexpensive A-Frame signs

A-Frame signs, also referred to as sandwich boards, are a great way to get the attention of sidewalk traffic. These free-standing signs can be placed on a sidewalk or in a grassy area to display important messages such as business specials, directional arrows, safety warnings or any other point-of-purchase use you can think of.


One limitation of these free-standing signs has been cost. Because of their flexibility, A-Frame signs tend to be expensive and some short-term events do not warrant the cost of an expensive sandwich sign. Many of them are heavy and expensive to ship. Luckily, at Signs World Wide we offer an inexpensive A-Frame solution.


Made from lightweight 4mm fluted plastic product commonly used for yard signs, our coroplast A-Frame signs offer great temporary message display at a low cost. We offer many stock 30”h x 15”w items along with the ability to customize them according to your particular need. They are lightweight, portable, collapsible and can be assembled without any hardware or tools. If your area is particularly windy, the signs can be ballasted with weight in the middle or if they are being placed in a grassy area, you can use spikes to help keep them in place. The graphics are printed directly onto the coroplast surface using the latest UV printing technology for a smooth durable sign product.


If your use requires something more substantial, Signs World Wide also offers a heavy duty A-Frame product that can provide many years of service. Our heavy duty A-Frame product is made from a hollow molded plastic that can be filled with sand if the sign is to be placed in a windy area. Like the inexpensive coroplast A-Frame sign, our heavy duty A-Frame can also be customized according to your needs. Just contact a Signs World Wide representative to have one designed for you.

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Sign Holders

At Signs World Wide we offer a few different types of sign holders that can accommodate your plastic or aluminum sign panels. For the sake of this article we will discuss those most commonly used for mounting signs in grassy areas such as household yards. Often used for real estate, political or neighborhood signs, these lightweight and portable sign holders make getting your message across easy and effective.

Wire Stake

The wire sign stake is one of the least expensive methods of displaying a fluted coroplast sign. Set up with coroplast is quick and simple by sliding the sign stake prongs into the flutes of the sign face.




Once the sign has been mounted onto the wire stake, the stake can be pressed into the ground. If you find it difficult to get the stake into the ground, try repositioning the sign in a different area. It is also possible to dampen the ground with water to help loosen over-packed soil. Wire stakes work best with coroplast signs that are 18″h x 24″w or smaller.

Steel Angle Stake

Steel stakes are cut from angled steel that is beveled into a point on one end and punched with holes on the other to allow a screw and nut to thread through the sign and stake.


This type of sign holder offers more support for the coroplast or aluminum sign by running behind the sign acting as a brace in high winds.


It is possible to leave 1/2″ – 3/4″ of the stake protruding from the top of the sign so a hammer can be used to help drive the steel angle stake into tough ground. Steel angle sign stakes are capable of holding larger sign panels due to the angled design. For extra large signs, multiples can be used down the length of the sign.

Steel Angle Frame

The steel angle frames available at Signs World Wide offer the best in portability and durability when it comes to displaying your coroplast or aluminum sign panel. The sign panel slides in from the top and the frame gets pinched together with a nut and screw through punched holes in the top of the steel frame.


Signs World Wide has both horizontal 18″h x 24″w (landscape) oriented frames or vertical 24″h x 18″w (portrait) oriented frames available.

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Custom Signs

Ok, so you’ve searched from one corner of the web to the other, but you still have not come across the sign you need. They’re too small, too tall, too blue, too plastic, etc. What to do next?


Contact Signs World Wide and let us help you run through some ideas. A few things to consider are how long you want your message to be seen, how far will your viewer be from the message and what your budget is for the sign. Answers to these question will begin to help narrow the type of sign down. You can also view our BLOG “Sign Design Tips” for more information regarding color choice, letter style and visibility. When it comes to custom signs there are an overwhelming amount of options and we have been in the business long enough to get you pointed in the right direction. If we can’t help you, we may know of someone that can.


Signs World Wide specializes in quick turn products like decals, banners, yard signs and aluminum signs. We offer stock signs for fast turnaround times and we keep a full design team on staff to work out any custom products you may need fabricated.

All of our signs are proudly fabricated in the United States of America.

Political Signs

You hear it all of the time, “Every vote counts,” yet each year getting citizens to the polling places in America is an issue. According to an article written in 2015 by the United States Census Bureau, voter turnout saw its lowest numbers since 1978 (read more here:


While the article does not venture into all of the reasons for this low voter participation, one could surmise that keeping voters aware of elections and polling stations would be an obvious way to spark extra participation and increase those low polling numbers.

One very effective way to make voters aware of where or when to vote is a political sign. At Signs World Wide we offer a variety of stock political signs along with the ability to customize messages, materials and quantities to suit the customer’s needs. We offer banners, yard signs, thin plastic signs and decals with voting related messages: VOTE HERE, VOTE TODAY, VOTING DIRECTIONALS, etc. Each of these products can help increase the visibility of your polling place. Feel free to browse the products on our website found under “shop sign categories” or type “Vote” into our websites search area. Another option would be to contact us for customized voting products


Signs World Wide has an invested interest in both strong polling numbers and a strong United States of America. Please Vote!

All of our products are proudly made in the USA. We appreciate your business!