Have a surface that needs a message attached? It might be a good job for the trusty decal!
Inexpensive and durable, decals have become a sign staple for small scale advertising.

Decals, also known as stickers, are a thin vinyl film with an adhesive backing. The decals come attached to a backing paper that keeps the adhesive clean until you are ready to apply it (think bumper sticker).

Some decals will be a printed image on a rectangle while others will be die cut into individual pieces.



The die cut decals will come with a temporary “transfer tape” that keep the vinyl decals aligned while it is applied to the desired surface. Once the decal has been applied, the transfer tape can be removed leaving only the individual decals behind (Refer to our Blog on “vinyl application instructions” for more information on vinyl installation). You may also receive larger one piece decals with transfer tape as well. Larger decals can be difficult for inexperienced users to install. The transfer tape will keep the decal stiff while it is being applied. As in the die cut decals, the transfer tape can safely be removed once it has been successfully applied.

Opaque White vs. Reflective

Most decals will be an opaque white, but reflective is an option as well. If you need your message to be seen at night, reflective vinyl decals are a good choice. Light from headlights or other ambient sources will reflect off of the metallic particles inside the decal and make your message stand out well against the dark area surrounding the decal.


SignsWorldWide offers many stock decal options along with the ability to customize or create any decal you may need. Feel free to contact us regarding your project so we can help get your message stuck!

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