Signs made in the United States of America

So you’ve probably seen it on the Signs World Wide website, “all of our products are made in the USA.” You may ask yourself, why does that matter?

Well, with the surge of internet sign businesses and e-commerce sites it appears that many companies have moved their production facilities overseas. There is no argument that this can increase a company’s profit margin. Many companies overseas are not bound by labor laws or environmental concerns, which allows the company to skip steps and save money. The problem is that many of these skipped steps impact the working conditions of global employees. The lack of employee and environmental regulation allow ethical business standards to fall well below those maintained in the United States of America. At Signs World Wide we believe this hurts the rights of global workers while it weakens American business. We believe it contributes to the loss of American jobs, which lessens an Americans ability to obtain the lifestyle of their choosing and also lowers business standards here in the States as companies “race for the bottom.” Furthermore, bringing in sign product from overseas limits a company’s ability to properly manage quality control and that is not a good thing for our customers. Is it an ambitious goal? Perhaps, considering it deviates from the popular business model, but we believe American businesses, employing American employees, fabricating American products still means something. If you are taking the time to read this, it may mean something to you as well. We appreciate your patronage.

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All of the signs manufactured by Signs World Wide are made in the USA.