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Decals Have a surface that needs a message attached? It might be a good job for the trusty decal! Inexpensive and durable, decals have become a sign staple for small scale advertising. Decals, also known as stickers, are a thin vinyl film with an adhesive backing. The decals come attached to a backing paper that […]

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs Who doesn’t love a good magnet right? They are inexpensive. Their changeable nature gives them flexibility not available with other types of signs. Visible when needed and easily tucked away when unwanted. Below are a few quick notes about magnetic signs you may not be aware of along with some tips on storing […]

Vector Artwork

Have you heard the term “vector artwork” and are not quite sure what it means? Vector artwork comes up frequently when dealing with signs and large scale design projects. While vector art can look very similar to the more common bitmap file format, it has special traits that give it more flexibility when increasing file […]

Sign Design Tips

So you need to design a sign? Personal preference will go a long way when designing your sign, but there are also some things to consider that can improve the effectiveness of your sign design. This article will provide some sign design tips and touch on some common concerns that may not be obvious. Your […]

Vinyl removal instructions

Ready to get those decals off? Luckily the process is pretty straight forward, especially if your decals are relatively new, high quality graphics. If you are removing old or reflective decals, the process will be more demanding and may require professional attention. Read through the steps below and let us know if you need clarification […]

Vinyl application instructions

Ok, so you’ve bought some decals online and now you may be wondering what to do next. Don’t fear, decal application is not terribly complicated, but there are some steps that may help the process go a little smoother. Read the steps below and gauge your capabilities accordingly. Chances are you will fly through it […]